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भारत सरकार
विद्युत मंत्रालय
केन्द्रीय विद्युत प्राधिकरण
उत्तर पूर्वी क्षेत्रीय विद्युत समिति

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Contact Us

North Eastern Regional Power Committee
NERPC Complex, Dong Parmaw
Lapalang, Shillong – 793006 (Meghalaya)
Website: www.nerpc.nic.in
email: nerpc@ymail.com

Contact information of NERPC Officers


Name Designation Office Residence Telephone Mobile No. e-mail
Telephone Fax
Member Secretary I/C 2534077 2534040  
S.E (Commercial) 2534037 2534040
B.Lyngkhoi S.E (Operation) 2534039 2534040 2537099 9436163419 b_lyngkhoi@yahoo.com
Lalrinsanga Asst. Secretary 2534628 2534040 - 9436161886 lhrengsa@yahoo.com
S. M. Jha E.E 2534101 2534040 - 8731845175 erpcjha@yahoo.co.in
S. M. Aimol E.E  / D.D.O 2534087 2534040 - 8974002106 shialloa@yahoo.com



Minutes of 103rd OCC meeting issued

Minutes of 27th PCC meeting issued

Agenda for 23rd CCM to be held on 25.11.14 at Agartala issued

Meeting Notice & NIA for 23rd CCM issued

Latest Energy Accounts

Deviation Charges Account for 27.10.14-02.11.14 (Revised)issued

RTDA Account for October 2014 issued

Deviation Charges Account for 03.11.14 to 09.11.14 issued

RE Account for 27.10.14 to 02.11.14 issued

Bilateral Exchanges for October, 2014 issued

Regional Energy Account for October 2014 issued

RTA Account for October 2014 issued


Joint meeting of Standing Committee on Power System of all regions held on 22.09.2014-20 year Transmission Perspective Plan(2014-34)

Notification of Chairman NERPC

Revised Share Allocation of NER Beneficiaries from NTPC Stations in ER due to bundling of 5MW Solar power allocation to Assam

Click here to download the format for submitting protection details (with typical example) in excel